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Thread: Yup, FRIDAY again!

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    Yup, FRIDAY again!

    ...and I'm off to the lumber yard. I need to build a stable for the arn that came home last weekend. I can't move out there!

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    Darn it, i'm getting to dislike Fridays. They come too often & remind me how quickly time passes.

    Ending this week's vacation with wife taking day trips; mostly visiting the seacoast, local areas of interest & hitting the restaurants.

    Reading to catch up & getting ready to make the patterns for Christmas BS box gifts. The patterns were so "delicate" that after spraying adhesive on them, I couldn't place them on the wood without them sticking to itself. Had to abort this method & found some 0.011" thick art paper that works on my printer, cuts easily & yet thick enough to trace around.
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    We are going to Boston to see the Charles W. Morgan parked at the dock right next to the Constitution, take pictures - then go walk around Boston for a while.

    My home remodel is moving forward and I think the next stage is a floor between the kitchen and breezeway. I'll be stripping the old trim out and start stripping the floor.
    I really should post some pics of this project.

    I will also get moving along a little more on the "Carry On" picture frame.

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    No gigs this weekend, but I'll be putting in a lot of time woodshedding (practicing, in music-speak) as I learn a bunch of new songs. Looks like I'll be one of a couple guitarists in rotation filling in for my buddy Edric, who was badly injured a few days ago in a motorcycle accident. I'll be playing with two of my best friends, but this isn't the way I wanted to get in their band.

    Saturday I'm heading up to Nate Davey's place to go do some turning on his big beast of a lathe and enjoy some good food and good company afterward. We started a bowl together sometime last year, so it's about time I got back up there to try to finish it. Wow. Actual woodworking.

    Sunday will be more practicing, with a condo HOA meeting added to the mix for some variety. (I don't own the condo I'm living in, but my niece does, and I'll be her representative at the meeting.) I'm also hoping to get in some quality time with another new music toy (a Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer) to see how I can incorporate it into my current band. It has tons of potential, but it's also a prime example of McMillan's Maxim of Musical Mayhem: Anything with more than three knobs on it has more bad settings than good ones.
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    I took today off. Got a hair trimming this morning, going to take my daughter to the range this afternoon as she's wanting to learn to shoot. She's been watching safety videos and we practiced with some BB guns a few weeks back. Tonight/Tomorrow, I'm planning to work on the RV project a little more, waiting on flooring which should be in today. The grandson is starting to sit up on his own, so need to get stock cut for the high chairs and start turning tenons soon.

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    Shoptime, Shoptime, Shoptime. I have been pulled too many directions lately and need some therapy. I'd like to say that my current version of my wall hung tool cabinet is ready to start on but, I have been percolating and modifying it for a couple of years. I believe that last night I had the realization that no matter how much I plan, there will be something that doesn't fit or that ends up elsewhere and I should just get on with it. Its funny because I'm not usually the guy who expects "this one" to be the last one I'll ever make. For some reason the tool cabinet has me hung up.
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    Today is mostly a day of doing nothing to let the old bones rest. Yesterday, I spent a lot of time on concrete under my carport doing maintenance on my John Deere riding mower - changing blades, lube, etc. Needless to say, everything aches today!

    Saturday should include at least a little shop time milling some red oak for a frame for the mirror in our master bathroom.

    Sunday will be a day of rest and, with no NASCAR this weekend, I'll work on new wills for LOML and me. I'm using Quicken Willmaker - seems to include everything we need.
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    Out with some friend to a new roof top bar/restaurant tonight. Tomorrow morning I'm taking the girl to the range to try out her new golf clubs she got on her birthday last week. After that as long as the weather holds, I'll be powerwashing, scraping and primeing windows around the house. Sunday more of the same unless somehow I get it done tomorrow.
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    no shop time for me.
    just got a shot or cortisone in my right knee.
    been having a lot of trouble since weds(after a nice full day of shop time)
    couldn't stand or walk up stairs, so he said the ligament is strained, sprained, something like that, the arthritis isn't that bad, and Ill be fine.
    famous last words.
    other than that nice news, Im doing nothing. another exciting weekend
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    I started a new wood project last night, but in case things go south I'll just leave a hint for now >>> ♫♪♫

    Other than that, Amazon just delivered 5 copies of my dogs favorite ball...since his last one was somehow lost, we've got some catching up to do...this pup would play ball 24/7 if someone will throw it for him.
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