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Thread: YMCA's, heath clubs, gyms, etc.

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    YMCA's, heath clubs, gyms, etc.

    Anybody here belong? Chiropractor is strongly suggesting I get regular exercise and build up my core muscles. I am also interested in more flexibility and better balance. Water aerobics sounds good. Will have to get a suit. Haven't owned one in 50 years. Not a water person. This ought to be interesting. Not interested in 99.9% nudity. Thinking wet suit.

    So after the lumber yard run this morning, I stopped by the Y thinking it may be the least expensive option. Got the tour. Lots of equipment and many programs. Not dirt cheap, but better than the gym's, etc. I do NOT want a repeat of the last 6 weeks. I just went to the lumber yard. Didn't lift a thing. Just tied down what few pieces I got. Did run three other errands, but I am done for the day just climbing in and out of Bruiser.

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    my wife belongs to the local y, where she uses the machines and goes to some of the exercise classes. me, i just go to work, 10-15 45 lb cases of cut sheet paper, 16 25 lb cases of checks, and up to 6 15 lb cases per night take care of the free weights, running non stop between 2 laser printers for 10 hrs takes care of the road work, and feeding and emptying them takes care of the aerobics. so far i've dropped about 25 lbs, and went from a 44 waist to a 40. best part of all, is i get paid for all of that abuse.
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    Carol, yoga is really good for core strength, balance, and flexibility.

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    My son belongs to Planet Fitness. I think he only pays about $10.00/month
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    Although not for everyone, I use a Bowflex and Ti Chi Masters at home, Stacey does 21 Day Fix and Yoga. We do them at the same time and that allows us to stay motivated...her motivating me that is
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    I have an elliptical machine for cardio and do a few core strengthening exercises as recommended by my Army Doctor. I used to belong to the Y and found a lot of competition for the machines during the time of day I wanted to use them. Walking is an excellent exercise too. My doc recommended planks for my back and they seem to help.

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    We're members of the local Y but, to be honest, we don't go very often for a variety of excuses. For us old-timers, 69 and 66, it actually works out to be free. We qualify for Silver Sneakers through our AARP supplement insurance. When we go to the Y, they scan our cards and the Y gets paid by AARP (United HealthCare).
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    I joined a gym last year to build up core strength and rearrange a few of my pounds. It's a local chain - Defined Fitness - but they are the biggest in the state. Each of their locations has a swimming pool, sauna, steam room, and hot tub. I don't work out on the machines as regularly as I should, but I still like to take advantage of the pool, steam room, and hot tub. It costs me about $40 per month, but it's worth it to me. I've also gone to Planet Fitness with a friend, and it's fine if you just want to work out, but I'd rather pay the extra money and get access to the aquatic stuff.

    And I see plenty of ladies your age and older in the aquatic center...some are wearing bathing suits that they probably shouldn't be, but others are wearing shorts and t-shirts. Also, Saturday and Sunday afternoons seem to be "older people hours". I often feel like the youngest guy there on a Sunday afternoon.
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    well carol i think they found a new word or niche called core training for folks with troublesome backs, the folks in rehab couldnt do what they wanted me to do.. but hey they are in charge,, aleve does take away the edge but then you do things that you might regret BECAUSE you dont feel it at the time..
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