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Thread: Stain then assemble or assemble then stain?

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    Stain then assemble or assemble then stain?

    I'm FINALLY back in the shop this week, working on the adirondack chairs I promised months ago.

    Everything is cut, surfaced, routed, and prepped. Last night I drilled and countersunk all my holes. I am ready for assembly. OR AM I?

    It's made of plain old PT pine. I will be staining w/ a redwood color deck stain.

    Should I stain it BEFORE or AFTER assembly? My main concern is that if I stain AFTER assembly, I will miss many surfaces as they are affixed to other surfaces and/or impossible to get to.

    I don't have a sprayer, I will be brushing.


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    Personally, I'd stain it before assembly, knowing that I might have to do a little touch-up afterward.
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    Since it's an Adirondack, I'm assuming there are no glue joints involved. So... stain it - and even varnish it - if that's what you want - before assembly, then go back and touch up any screw holes, etc. after assembly.
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    Yep - stain first. I've done the same on cabinets I glued together by taping the points to be glued before applying stain and sealer.
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    Sound like a consensus! Stain then assemble. Staining should be done this evening, then...

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    I frequently stain parts prior to assembly. Primarily areas that will be hard to reach or that are prone to application issues. I may only pre-finish certain areas. Once assembled, I finish the piece.
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    I agree Staind first then everything is sealed
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