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Thread: more cabinets for my sons house

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    more cabinets for my sons house

    this time its his office.
    I wanted to use what I have available, so I went with ash, for faceframes, rails and stiles.
    I just made it with the ash I had on hand, and had to make all the rails 1/2 narrower so Id have enough with enough to cut two more if needed.
    Not sure how I will address the desk portion of his office yet. I don't have enough room to work on cabinets and desk at same time.
    I used red oak plywood, 1/4 inch for the door panels.
    Heres a picture of how they look with ash. Its a pretty close match, and although I never would have used this combo on a kitchen, for his office, I feel, with some darker stain, it will all blend in fine. (I hope, neither of us wanted to go for hardwood expenses)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I quit at 11 today, never put the air on, and I didn't want to have a heat stroke, temps only 80, but humidity up at 90 and dewpoints up near 70, not a good day to work in non airconditioned quarters.

    oh, was looking through the pics on my phone. Seems months ago (we saw someone with a video camera), theres a restaurant show called restaurant hunter out here, and it highlights different type of eateries all over long island.
    Someone was watching an episode of a bagel/deli, and saw me in the background. They took a still of the tv with their cell and sent it to me.
    Maybe Im eating out too much? that's me in the background in the peach shirt, I was not happy they didn't interview me, only some woman with food falling out of her mouth.
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    Good to see the machine is fired up again....the woodworking machine not the eating machine

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    That ply with the ash does look good. I agree that after staining you won't notice any difference at all, I think they will be perfect for a home office.

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    I maxed out of space this morning, theres just no more room to do much.
    all the doors glued up, cabinets and shelves, left the faceframes in my home so I have room to move around without tripping.
    that's it for today, ran out of clamps and table top work space.
    Ill work on figuring out where I want to go eat lunch.
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    Time to build a second floor and freight elevator on your garage Allen
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    Well Allen I would not worry about the wood match, pretty sure the finish will match them up perfectly and they going to be better than the Ikea stuff i originally bought for my home office when i arrived in Canada. At least they not particle board covered with the thinnest of veneer. And i bet you come out costing less than i paid for my JUNK.

    So now you are a food celebrity when does you reality show start. Allens Long Island Foodies guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Keeble View Post
    So now you are a food celebrity when does you reality show start. Allens Long Island Foodies guide
    I'd watch!

    Some say the land of milk and honey; others say the land of fruits and nuts. All together my sort of heaven.

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    Lookin good Allen!!
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    I agree with the others...I think the different woods will blend together once they're stained.

    I get a kick out of the fact that you knock out a cabinet and doors like it's nothing. There are a lof of people (including me) who'd spend more time figuring out the cut lengths than you spend building the whole thing.

    And I think it's cool that you know where the good local restaurants are. (Although you probably wouldn't want to be seen in the background on an episode of "World's Stankiest Diners" or something like that, lol.)
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    its not tuff work, its just repetitive and can get a little boring, but doing all the dados at same time, and all similar cuts for everything cuts down build time and set up times. Just need to plan ahead.
    We picked up the cabinet knobs today, along with some stain, its going to be dark, expresso? minwax, and bronze cabinet knobs with a touch of black in them. Im hoping to have the cabinets stained, this week, spray them the first week of august and hang them later on that weekend.
    Hopefully, it all goes as planned. I want to work on the desk part and be done with this so I can start playing with my lathe a little bit.
    I think Im going to go over to a fire wood guy near me, and ask him if I can go pick through some of his logs so I have practice pieces.(Im sure for a few bucks each, hell say go have fun)
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