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Thread: You know you love your dog when...

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    You know you love your dog when...

    ...she's not there for a day, and every time you get up, you look for her following you; when you go out the front door you almost say "stay" automatically; you think it's about time to grab a ball and take her to play fetch; when you move the chair back you look to make sure you're not going to run over her; you anticipate her coming to meet you at the door, and you say "oh!" when you remember she's not home today; the house seems unnaturally empty without her; you haven't heard he whimper to go out all day, and you miss that lick on the chin that she gives you...

    She's at the boarding kennel for a day, so she will be familiar with it when we go to Chicago next week. She ws there yesterday, and everyone agreed she is a very sweet dog.

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    Or you think hear the jingle of her tags from time to time, even though she's not there.
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