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Thread: It's Friday! 7/25/2014 Edition

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    It's Friday! 7/25/2014 Edition

    Need to get the pool cleaned up, going to be a warm weekend here, so will probably take care of that tonight. Tomorrow I need to pickup some plywood and maple for my friend's RV project. We've got birthday parties at the in-laws for both my daughter and I. I may sneak away and head over to the range for an hour or so though, daughter might join me. Sunday is supposed to be a little cooler, so may start getting bases done for the RV.

    What's everyone else got going?

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    working on the chair tenons, and other such fun stuff.
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    Just chillin' a bit this morning - did a bunch of lawn work yesterday, including mowing. This afternoon, I need to do a little maintenance on our golf cart that we use around the yard and to scare neighbors when we take off down the street.

    I'll get some shop time Saturday - final milling on some red oak for a mirror frame and play around with some acrylic I molded for pen blanks.

    Sunday will be mostly a day of rest. Brunch, Brickyard race, what else does a feller need?
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    Easy weekend.
    Working on Christmas BS boxes.
    Going to the seacoast which I believe is the shortest one in the U.S. only 18 miles long, but beautiful.
    Will be enjoying some sea scallops at a favored seafood restaurant there.
    Practice some golf - haven't played in a while.
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    Finishing off a temporary shelter for the rusty tools I dragged home a couple of weeks ago. Then setting up the 9 file cabinets I found this week and begin filling them with miscellaneous tools, supplies, and accessories. I will have an 'outdoor' shop under a tarp so I can get something done! I brought a small truck load home from my trailers yesterday. Maddening having them 30 miles away but there is no room here. The file cabinets were a steal (and steel!) and I likely will keep them if I ever get a 'real' shop again. Drawers are drawers. At $4 a pop complete with cabinets and drawer slides is hard to beat! One of the advantages of living where I do. They will be tarped just in case the drought breaks.

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    Gonna work on my frames for the Carry On project a little this weekend

    Need to peck away at the home remodel.

    One last Weekend to see the Charles W. Morgan at another location.
    This time she is docked at the Mass Maritime Academy to take part in the 100 year anniversary of the Cape Cod Canal.
    Diane and I will celebrate at one of our favorite seafood shacks.
    I will have a plate of Scallops - of course never frozen - fished from the port of New Bedford - the birth place of the Charles W. Morgan - built in New Bedford in 1841.

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    30th birthday party for one of my daughters on Sunday. Must be fresh sea scallop weekend because grilled shrimp, scallops, and steak tips are on the menu Hot dogs for the kids

    Saturday looks to be kind of quiet. I did the yard work yesterday and today so maybe just clean out the garage and relax.

    Went to the Doctor yesterday morning to get the results of my MRI. Results show that my condition has somewhat worsened. They are going to try something new. Lateral injections in several locations in my back to see if that helps.
    Just waiting for a call from the pain center to see when they can get me into day surgery. Hopefully early next week.
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    I, for one, will NOT be having fresh sea scallops this weekend. Won't somebody PLEASE think of the scallops?!?!?

    Spending the weekend staying on the west side of town dogsitting for some friends. Works out well, because pretty much everything I've got going on this weekend will be on the west side. (I'm an east side boy.) As a bonus, they have a pool, so Layla (my German shepherd girlfriend) and I can do some swimming and work on our tans, lol.

    No gigs this weekend, but I'll be spending much of my free time with a guitar in hand. Need to get things programmed on a new toy (Roland GR-55 guitar synth) for a gig next week. Also working on learning 40+ new songs so I can step in to replace my guitarist friend who was badly hurt in a motorcycle accident last week. (He's still comatose, BTW. And pneumonia has now set in, although he seems to be responding to the antibiotics. Good thoughts/vibes/prayers appreciated.)

    Saturday I'm meeting with a high school friend and his wife for a going-away dinner before they move to Colorado. Sunday I'm headed to the shooting range for the monthly Range Day with the tactical shooting club I belong to.
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    Whatever I end up doing, it won't be at home. I came back to San Ramon this Monday for a 3 day visit in order to do a job walk in Monterey. It soon became apparent that I needed to stay until about the 2nd week in August. So after changing plane, hotel and rental car arrangements, I am back in CA for the next 3 weeks. I am waiting for the "care package" (clothes) to get here from my wife.

    I was just starting to settle in to being at home and I even started to finish the drawers for my interrupted built-in cabinet project. I still had to complete cutting out the dovetails on the deep drawer. Three month away and I still was able to saw a straight line. The dovetails came out perfect. I did that plus finished the insides with shellac. As I told the wife, "when I get back this week, I will install the bottom and mount them in the cabinet". I have had some slow builds but this one takes the cake. Oh well.

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    The only upside to this whole thing is that my wife is coming down next Thursday and we will hop over to San Francisco for a day. But still if I could not be at home, playing golf and eating scallops with Al sounds good!
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    Nothing tonight...been a long week but maybe some lathe time. It's been WAY too long since I turned anything. Tomorrow is a belated birthday party for the girl (turned 9 on the 12th) at a local pool. 15 seven-ten yr olds running around screaming and eating pizza/ice cream sounded like a good idea a few weeks ago. Sunday it's back to grind of scrapping, sanding and priming the house....Pray for rain!!
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