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Thread: Birdhouse success!

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    Birdhouse success!

    I put up this birdhouse about 4 years ago, and since then, I have never seen a bird fly in or out of it. So, I figured it wasn't going to attract any birds. I had put a 1" hole in it, hoping to discourage English Sparrows, which are cute enough, but not very exotic. English Sparrows had moved into the birdhouses I put up with 1" holes. As the tree grew, it pushed the birdhouse off the nail it was hanging on, and fell to the ground. I was quite a bit of nesting material spilling out of the hole, and opened it up. There was a least four generations' worth of nesting material. If I had known about that, I would have cleaned it yearly. Anyhow, it's back on the tree now, cleaned and ready to go.

    I love it when a plan comes to fruition!

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    I make these houses from a single 5' cedar fencepost. I have a shed roof and a gable roof design. I'm thinking I may sell some as kits at our next church bazaar.

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    When I went into my last 4 years of higher education I was kinda poor. Your bird house story (about the old birdhouse that fell down) reminded me that we lived in an apartment house in the Watts area of Los Angeles (Remember the Watts Riots---It was the only thing on TV for what seemed like months). The apartment house was so old and decrepit that it had been moved to this poorer neighborhood. We don't mention that it had been moved once before that because it was to old and decrepit for that neighborhood.

    It did give me a roof and many FOND MEMORIES.

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    Congrats on the success, we never seem to get anything other than sparrows, will try closing up the opening next spring{winter project} and hope for the best.
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    Personally not a huge fan of sparrows, they like my cherries to much (not that I have any trees at the current house but it's the principle of the thing). I do like the blue birds though, quite pretty little fellows. We have a rather large bluebird house in the back yard from the previous owner but I've never seen anyone in there.. Maybe I should double check : )

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