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Thread: Bull Moose

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    Bull Moose

    On a piece of Curly Maple that is over turned to 7/16", sanded, applied 2 coats of MINWAX Clear Gloss Polyurethane, applied the Testors Waterslide Decal , applied one coat of MINWAX Clear Gloss Polyurethane and cast in Polyester Resin.
    With the decal cast in PR, there is no concerns with any wear on the image with extended use.
    Turned to match Gun Metal Bolt Action components, sanded 400X and Polished with Huts Ultra Gloss.
    The Wildlife Series I am doing have been great sellers at the gun Shows.


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    No surprise on the sales, Les. Another nice pen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol Reed View Post
    No surprise on the sales, Les. Another nice pen.
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    Beautiful work as always, Les!
    Bill Arnold
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    Like the idea of PR over poly...results speak for themselves!
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