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Thread: No good deed.............

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    No good deed.............

    Well time for my yearly stitches I guess.

    Went over the to daycare at church today. They moved some stuff and built and few new rooms, needed the electric switched around and few things added. We use MC Cable as per code and if you know MC has the outer spiral shield. Well I haven't bought a cutter yet, $35 I really didn't want to spend. I used the old method of snipping it and un-twisting it. Guess what, I slipped. Man that stuff is sharp. 3 stitches later and ready to go to real job. Going back to finish up tomorrow. Called in and told to just be there when I get there as the company looks at helping local orgs as a good thing, long as you volunteer.

    Oh, I ordered a cutter when I got back from doc's
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    Sorry to hear that Steve, heal quickly.
    I was taught by an old timer to gut the sheath almost through with a hack saw at an angle and then bend the cut to break it off, twist it to the left and slide it off.I cut more than a few pairs of jeans doing that I might add, I later got the proper cutter, it made life a lot easier.
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    Steve you are clearly a cut above the rest!

    Didn't even know they made a cutter for that stuff.. Hmm.. Always used gloves to unwind out bit sometimes even that could get a bit chewed up. Glad I don't do cabling anymore

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    Heal quickly, Steve. I guess that $35 is a bargain compared to what they charge for stitches at the local Urgent Care place, huh?
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    Every scar has a story. At least this one is a good one .
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    That will learn ya!

    Hope it does not hurt that much and heals fast!
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    Doesn't take much, does it? Heal quickly.

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    Probably cheaper then a copay and you could probably CL it for part of your money back.

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    Glad it wasn't worse, I've had a few close calls with some of that stuff, cutter is a good choice.

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