Just in case you folks hadn't seen it, there's a new forum here at Family Woodworking, called the Commercial Post Zone. We've had a number of well-intentioned "commercial" members post offers for sale prices or other good deals for the members on the products they sell, but due to the commecialism rules in the Forum Rules and Code of Conduct (CoC), we've reluctantly had to ask that the posts be removed. (Commercial members are folks who work for a company that makes or sells things for woodworking.) This new forum allows commercial members to let the rest of us know about good deals or other info regarding the stuff they sell, and it provides a valuable service to the rest of the members.

We are opening this up on a trial basis, and if it is a success, we will be proposing changes to the Forum Rules and Code of Conduct to make it official soon.

The new forum is a sub-forum of the Classified Ads forum...all part of the Off Topic Area. If you haven't already, check it out now, and check it out often.