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Thread: what do you people wear on your hands for applying stains and other oil based finishe

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    what do you people wear on your hands for applying stains and other oil based finishe

    what type and what brand of glove to you wear?
    Im looking for something very flexible, will not limit my finger mobility, but is strong enough to resist oil based stains and polys.
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    I use the nitrile gloves from Harbor Freight.
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    I use the blue gloves from Harbor Freight, and have had good luck with them so far.
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    I use the ones that look like the doctors use.

    They stretch onto your hands.

    Totally non restrictive

    There are 2 kinds --- Latex, and I don't remember the other ---- yeah Nitrile.

    I have both - I like the latex, but the oil eats it up. For short quickie jobs it, OK.

    The nitrile is not affected by the oil, but they do not fit as snugly.

    What I like best is cleanup. Just peel the glove off and whohoo - clean hands. Love it.

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    Ditto on HF nitrile gloves.
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    Blue Nitrile from HF. XL.
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    blue nitrile,, if they are strong enough for my mechanic they are good enough for me for several years..
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    HF Nitrile, I use the deluxe version...they call them "heavy duty".

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    Seems to be a trend. Blue Nitrile from HF .. for most things (see below).

    One side note is to make sure the latex or nitrile won't dissolve in whatever horrible chemical you're using. If they do you can end up exposed to worse things in the dissolved glove than the chemical that dissolved them.

    If you search for "glove chemical selection" you can get some nice charts. Some examples here:

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    I had some nitrile gloves, but used them years ago, when I closed my store, I had boxes and boxes of the surgical latex gloves, and Ive been wearing those all these years, usually 2 pairs at a time. the stain eats away at them and I had to change them often.
    Im on the last box, so its time to purchase something that will work.
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