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Thread: Alaskan Small Log Milling Attachment by Granberg

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    Alaskan Small Log Milling Attachment by Granberg

    The brown truck came, I put the new mill together on the new Makita electric chainsaw, but now I have to wait until next week to have the time to use this setup.

    Using the new software, and trying to up my game a bit

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    Should be a fun tool!
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    Nice video, Stu. Looks like a handy piece of kit....and you have two extra washers!

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    Logs be afraid, be very afraid.
    My (read several times on the web) understanding of traditional Japanese housing, is they are typically torn down and rebuilt around 20 years. Hope we don't read about your arrest from cutting up the wood from those that haven't been torn down yet.

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    Congrats, Stu. We may have to do another "Logging in Tokyo" music video. (But next time we'll not use music from the Yoshida Brothers, lol.)
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    Very tempting.. I've looked at these before some, but haven't brought myself to be able to pull the trigger.

    A friend has a very decent sized walnut across a rather rough chunk of terrain. I'm quite sure we could get the slabs back across the creek, I'm less convinced about entire logs (estimated at ~2k lbs each) so this would really open up some options. I think that project would require something more like the 30" MKIII but it would pretty much pay for itself.. then I'd just need someplace to store the slabs while they dry...

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