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    Red face Cravers Prayer

    My husband is in the Fox Valley wood craving group in Sandwich, Illinois

    They have a plaque with leaves with names of cravers that have past on.

    I was wondering if Roger myers could email me that prayer. We want to put in on the plaque for all the cravers that have past on. It would be so nice. This is the only thing that I could find on the internet.

    My email is:

    I read about this on your site, but the prayers was not allow on Roger Myers site. If anyone knows this craving prayer, I would sure appreciate it if you could email to me. This would look so nice on the plaque with all the names and pictures of the cravers. Thank you very much for any help...

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    is this it?

    The Woodworker’s Prayer

    Angels guide my hammer, angels guide my saw
    Angels guide my working hands and all my planning thoughts.
    Angels guide my planer, angels guide my lathe
    So every night when work is done I leave the shop unscathed.

    For as I do my daily work I lift my head and pray
    That angels dance along my bench and guide my every way.
    Be with me in the morning, and when the sun does set
    Make sure the work that I do now is the best that I’ve done yet.

    And when the day’s receding, and the stars begin to show
    I know my work is guided by the Lord’s most loving glow,
    Keep me safe while working, and let me do my best
    And each day I will feel accomplished as I lay down to rest.

    So angels guide my tools, and angels guide my hands
    And I will bring to life the beauty of these simple plans.
    For when I work with angels, I know my work is true
    And I am doing what the Lord intended me to do.

    If in Doubt, Build it Stout!
    One hand washes the other!
    Don't put off today till tomorrow!

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