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Thread: Post + Beam Shop Build...

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    Post + Beam Shop Build...

    NOT MINE!!!

    Hey folks,

    I know people love watching "shop build" threads...
    Here is a youtube shop building thread that I think most of you would enjoy.

    Alain Vaillancourt runs a youtube channel where he builds woodworking projects: The Woodpecker
    What is unique about his videos is that he posts every video twice. Once it is narrated in English, and once in French (he is in Montreal)

    In Episode 46 he gave a shop tour and at the end outlined his plans (in sketchup) to build a new post+beam/timberframed shop.

    But if you want to skip to the actual shop construction, you can start at Episode 50.

    There's usually more than one way to do it... ........

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    Thanks Art. Enjoyable videos. I watched the rest of the shop build up to the point where he dropped an off cut on his toe Didn't seem to slow him down much though. Interesting use of the door cut outs too.

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