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Thread: small gloat

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    small gloat

    when i stopped by my local lumber supplier yesterday, i was originally looking for some cherry and hard maple to make some cutting boards with the leftover walnut from my nephew's table. one of the guys mentioned that they had some good narrow boards bundled up to sell cheap. i picked up 2 of them for $20, and there was a bunch of santos mahogany, hard maple, some red oak, and a species i wasn't too certain about, and a bunch of others. i may get a dozen cutting boards out of this, rather than the original six.
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    Great score. I love it when things like that happen; congrats.

    On a side note . . . Kudos to you Dan for all the posting you've been doing lately. Its folks like you that keep the forum breathing sawdust .
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    Nice stash, Dan! Keep on posting - yer doin' good!!!
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    Nice score, Dan.

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    Quite a score Dan, Looks like you did pretty good.
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    It just thrills my heart when someone see's some scrap - and turn's it into something useful and makes a few bucks in the process.

    Awesome score.

    There used to be a hardwood dealer down the street from me selling the same sort of cutoff's. I miss that.

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