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Thread: Cover for toaster oven

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    Cover for toaster oven

    My family has a habit of putting things down on any flat surface, including the toaster oven, which is bad news if the thing is plastic, or wrapped in plastic. At Memsahib's request, I made this little cover to fit neatly over the top of the oven. It is birch panel, finished with a mix of black cherry and chocolate (Yeah, yeah! I applied it with my tongue. ) and four coats of shellac. Didn't put shellac on the bottom, in case it could melt and stick to the toaster oven, which would kinda defeat the purpose.

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    Great idea Roger, we do the same with ours and, of course, plastic melts and did on ours I am going to use your idea iffin you don't mind

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    the heat doesnt affect the oven or the wooden shelf?
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