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Thread: Hey y'all

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    Hey y'all

    It is my 'mini weekend'... I worked last night, nominally have today off and then I go for a 4 day stretch of night/evening runs. Ennywho... I thought I'd share a happy surprise I had the other day.
    I stepped on the scale after several months of ignoring it, much to my surprise I was about 40 lbs. lighter than the last time I got on there! I'm under 300 lbs for the first time in years, and the best thing is, I haven't actively 'done' anything different beyond simple diet changes & work.

    I'm getting some shop time,
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    finally installed my Wolverine Jig... proceeded to sharpen all of my turning tools... or try to anyway.

    The never ending cycle of car repairs continue, and today the smaller family lumber hauler (vs my son's white elephant of a pickup) is in the shop getting new bearings, rotors and pads done. UGH. *sigh*

    Lori and I have a bunch of cutting boards in a gallery in Old Forge, and we just found a local farmer's market where we're going to set up a booth for the remainder of the summer. That means I get to get cranking on making boards and other stuff in the next week and a half so we'll have decent stock for both venues.

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    Sounds like good news on all fronts, Ned. (Even the new brakes and bearings are a good thing. Those are expendable parts, after all.)
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    Good stuff all around, Ned! Keep up the good work on all fronts.
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    Way to go, Ned. I'm gonna start ignoring my scale and see what happens.

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    I have been trying to get enough weight to make the scale dial move. Geeze, nobody is ever happy.

    Congratulations Ned. You lost more than1/3 of my total body weight.

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    Way to go Ned !!!!
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