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Thread: Well, It's Friday AGAIN!

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    Well, It's Friday AGAIN!

    What's on your bucket list for the weekend?
    Going to get a little shop time personally, it's been a while since I could do that.
    I'm supposed to respect my elders, but its getting harder and harder for me to find one now.

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    TGIF! I'm taking off a little early to run mom to the doctor since dad had shoulder surgery yesterday and can't drive her. Need to also stop by the iron shop(s) and pickup some new iron, both some angle, and one that goes bang. Planning to work on the RV this weekend and get the seat belts installed and base cabinets built. Will have to get over the the in-laws to use the shaper for raised panels or bring it home with me (FIL is giving it to me). Other than that, swimming and watching the grandson.

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    First I'm going to hide from the Nurses they got big needles , then try an get some more projects caught up an I have a turning class on Sunday with a disabled Vet.

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    I will continue practising on the lathe, and perhaps do some flatwork that has been accumulating.

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    Well, It's Friday AGAIN!

    Currently sitting at the Oakland airport waiting to fly home. No more being away from home in my foreseeable future. Now I can get back to my normal life after 4 months away. I will relax this weekend, but am sure to putter in the shop. Will be watching the PGA tournament and probably playing some myself.
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    Saturday is a visit to Mystic Seaport

    Sunday is building a cabinet that will be for my CNC machine but will serve temporary duty in my kitchen remodel project

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    Working at the day job this weekend.

    But the truck bed is full of stuff that needs to be sorted and 'filed' in all those drawers. Also will try to sneak some time in on rusty iron.

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    Going to my 40th class reunion tonight Then work tomorrow and maybe Sunday I know I have a shop somewhere...

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    my wife took off from work today, Im about to take her out to lunch, go buy shelf pins and she needs some thread.
    tomorrow is cabinet installation day at my sons home, and sunday, we go invited to a cousins barbeque. should be a good productive and relaxing weekend at the same time.

    I thought I was finished with cabinet making, I was cleaning up this morning after loading up the truck for tomorrow.
    the note my daughter the school teacher made for me. shes so lucky shes cute and I love her, she just leaves me her cutesy note with the dimensions of the cabinet she needs for her class. No hurry, but can I have it ready and stained to match the other ones by end of month.
    gotta love ya kids.
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    Let's, guitars, guns, guitars, guitars, guitar pedals, and more guitars. Working on a bunch of new (to me) songs for an upcoming show I'm playing at large a bike rally Labor Day weekend. Gonna take a bit of time off to hit the indoor shooting range with my buddy Mike and celebrate our newly-restored memberships.

    And in my spare time, I've got a sweet young lady staying as a houseguest through the weekend, and I'll be spending some quality time with her, with lots of long walks and heavy petting involved.

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