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Thread: a question of how to mount something

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    a question of how to mount something

    my sister wants me to make her a jewelry box, hinged on one side, and a bit on the shallow side, perhaps 1 3/4" deep each. the problem is how to mount this on the door of her cabinet. from what i could see, it can only be attached to the panel (the door is frame and panel). the panel as far as i can tell, is only 3/8" thick. to mount this box, screws are out, gluing would be difficult, as the inside of the panel is a very shiny surface. any ideas?
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    Brass threaded insert into the panel or go the other way, into the box from the back of the panel. The 3/16's ought to do. You can get them at Rockler.

    Less elegant, a tee nut in one or the other.

    Use a flat-head machine screw countersunk or a flat-head machine screw and shoulder washer.

    Either way, a solid mount.

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    I agree with Carol Reed but a picture will help me see what you see

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    If you just are looking to hang the new made box to an existing furniture peice,

    maybe some 3M sticky backed velcro?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott R Smith View Post
    If you just are looking to hang the new made box to an existing furniture peice,

    maybe some 3M sticky backed velcro?
    I was also gonna suggest Velcro. They make different grades of the stuff, and the Velcro with "Industrial Strength" adhesive is pretty tenacious stuff.
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