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    Light Box

    I've been trying to improve my videos and one thing that I'm always struggling with is lighting, my workshop, afterall, is a Dungeon

    I found a few good ideas online and I adapted them to my needs.

    The basic construction is black corrugated plastic, I cut it into shape then lined the inside with the foil tape that is used for duct work, and then the outside joints were all taped together with matte gaffers tape.

    The light comes from either 100w CLFs, that are all rated at 6700K for good lighting.

    I got some tracing paper from my photographer buddy Tim, to diffuse the light a bit.

    I think it works fairly well.

    This picture taken on my iPhone is with just the regular lights

    This is with the new light box, I know it does not look like much, but having the 6700K lights and a good camera, not the iPhone, and I'll be able to work on my pics in a graphics software to really improve them.

    The major benefit will be with the videos, I should be able to brighten things up a lot with 800w of 6700K lights pointed where I want it.

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    The results look good, Stu.
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    Really looks good!
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    Great improvement. The reduction of surface shadows makes the items and what you are trying to "show" people easier to view. Well done and well worth the effort.
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    Nice project, Stu. Well done!
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    Very cool well done. Difference makes it worthwhile.

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    Looks like it does the job, Stu. How's the heat inside the box? I didn't see any vents.

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