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Thread: Sadly "made in America" does not mean much anymore.

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    Sadly "made in America" does not mean much anymore.

    In late fall 2012 i purchased a "made in America" rv tavel trailer and did so in America. But last year end of season i had a warranty claim on the Chinese made tires, only to be replaced by Chinese made (American Brand) tires. This weekend after having rims checked and tires balanced i got stuck in and removed Chinese made bearings, from the well made truly made in America axles and hubs, (purchased by the manufacturer as an American made part.)
    Sadly after only 3000 miles i had to replace two of the four bearing sets. Due to it being weekend had to put same make back in. Also replaced the grease seals.
    I know its all about the buck, but man why make a great axle with lube shaft in center and go and spoil your product by cheaping out on a critical part. They just killed two brands in the process, their own and "made in America". Dont make sense to me even though i get why they do it. Now were they manufacturing a sub assembly where there is no local quality part even then man get something equal to your brand. Saved a few $ and lost a reputation. So sad. Now i got to find some Japanese bearings of same type and replace the lot.

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    check these out Rob National/Federal Mogul
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    Since the early 1980's the stewards of the US Government have allowed the manufacturing jobs to be shipped overseas,

    along with the equipment to manufacture. They have finally succeded in replacing manufacturing personal wealth building in America

    with middleman wealth building in America. Basicaly, outlawed making money by manufacturing goods useful to all through opressive

    environmental and social laws, as well as mega lawsuits. While at the same time leaving the middleman personal wealth building process alone

    to do as it wishes. It seems it wishes to contract for shoddy goods of all sorts to pass off to the consumer. the consumer really has no

    choice in a lot of areas. Pay a reasonable price for crap merchandise middlemaned in, or buy very expensive Northern European goods

    that are quailty, but above the pricepoint of many except those who make their money middlemanning shoddy goods. Mercedes as case in point.

    They replaced all of the gold mines with merchant shops. Now the gold miners are poor, or unemployed, and the merchants sell them crap.

    Things have to change, this can't last forever.

    Canada hasn't seen this much upheaval because Canada was not as industrialized over this time period.
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    Please tread lightly here, folks. This thread is rapidly going towards political.
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    I dont see why government or politics has to be brought into threads.

    For me this is totally about choices we make based on perception.

    Scott i came to Canada from South Africa. There i was at one time involved in sourcing components and eventually outsourcing sub assembly manufacture offshore. There were local choices, they did not measure up. Our choice at the time to outsource sub assemblies being made had nothing to do with the government or politics and in order to make such a choice I personally got the task of doing on the ground place by place research until we found a supplier that would meet our criteria both from a quality and price point of view.

    My point is that making poor choices as some US manufacturers have chosen to do has cost them more deerly than just damage to their own brand they damaging a brand that is greater than their own that of "made in America".
    This is especially relevent when you consider the item i am refering to which is unlikely to be imported as a fully assembled item. Thus a brand chooses to get into the gutter and duke it out with the low cost brands and will feel the consequences.
    If they cannot find a way to use the quality of parts used to adequately differentiate themselves as was the case in the past then they should feel the consumer wrath.
    Case in point, many many years ago as a teenager working in a hardware store we we would have bricklayers trowels and several other tools on hand that cost a pretty penny but were made in America. They worked such that Portugese builders annually would buy these trowels for the next year (usually they used their Xmas holiday bonus) knowing they would get the use out of them. The local manufacturer was the equivalent of the quality we would get today from China. The " pro" knew what he was getting, in steel, handle and shape.
    With hard earned cash at the time i purchased a Crescent brand large side cutters that lasted until a month ago when i did something stupid with it and broke the jaw. Still, they held their edge for 40 years.
    Apple has their phone assembly outsourced but they insist and control quality all a matter of choice. Imagine what would happen to Apple brand if they compromised on component quality.

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    Of course, I would prefer less outsourcing, we need to employ Americans. But, in business, the lowest cost is the way to go. And, we often equate "made in China" with poor quality. Not always the case. "China" can mean mainland, Hong Kong or Taiwan. Taiwan is our ally and reports are quality of goods made there are quite high. To avoid the political pitfall, I'll stop. OH, BTW, I was recently told that great American icon, John Deere tractors are all now made in China.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    ...OH, BTW, I was recently told that great American icon, John Deere tractors are all now made in China.
    As of 2006, Deere & Company employs approximately 49,000 people in 27 countries worldwide, including the United States, Australia, Turkey, Canada, United Kingdom, China, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, India, Poland, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Morocco and South Africa, among many others and is the largest agriculture machinery company in the world. Inside the United States, the company's primary locations are its administrative center in Moline, Illinois and manufacturing factories in central and southeastern United States.


    Research is always better than rumors. And just in case you doesn't believe Wikipedia, then I invite you to provide substantiation for the "all made in China" claim.
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    Yep - it's about the buck.

    To me it's about the buck, but the buck that is in the stock market.

    The 401 plans and the ROTH IRA, and the retirement plans

    WHAT? - is it that forces a manufacturer to go to less expensive sources for materials?

    When companies are public and they need investors to BUY - and not sell - they need to make their stocks attractive.

    SOOOO - they get less expensive products so that the stocks can be more valuable - and investors will want more of it.

    WHO - are the investors?

    YOU >>>



    in our retirement plans.

    and the wealthy

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    I seem to remember a 60 Minutes or an episode of something somewhere that Made In America means that 80% of the product was assembled here. We had this talk at work Saturday night/Sunday morning and given the political but polite nature of the conversation...I'll spare you the details. Although there is some manufacturing returning to the US...I'd sure like to see more!
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    I remember my nephew comment something about something made in Mexico, said it was not "American". I replied, sure it is...North "American".

    There's that movie with Will Ferrell where he's a politician, The Campaign. The manufacturing guys were creating a new city in Asia, called "America", so that they could use the term "Made in America".

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