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Thread: Harbor Freight Dust collector Motor question

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    Harbor Freight Dust collector Motor question

    Does anyone that has one of these 2HP Harbor freight dust collectors happen to know the shaft size on the motor on these units. Is the motor TEFC as in closed up.

    There is a coupon out for these units right now with price being $184.99 which makes it a good deal for a TEFC 2hp motor. I downloaded the manual but these details are not in it.

    Lists motor as 3450 speed but nothing more about enclosure or shaft size.

    Thanks in advance if anyone happens to know.

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    call them and ask Rob,, a store that carries them.. the help seem to be very good at the stores i have been in..
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    For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353.
    The motor is part number 8.

    I tried to find it online, as I have been looking up the impeller replacement posts on various posts (mostly Thien dust collection), due to finding a possbile motor/impeller upgrade locally. No luck so far.

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