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Thread: Cactus Flower

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    Cactus Flower

    This potted cactus is on our patio and it only blooms once a year. The bloom only lasts 1 day, just 24 short hours I missed getting a picture last year but I managed to get one this year, Just figured I would share.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice birthday gift
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    Cactus flowers are some of the prettiest blooms there is, IMHO. You have to be quick or you miss them.
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    When I was a little kid, under age 5, my dad raised rare cactus as a hobby. I remember three things about it: 1) It was in our yard in San Bernardino, CA, 2) The blooms were fantastic on some of them---they even impressed a 3-4 yr. old, 3) In the winter dad would go out at night and put tents over the plants so they would not freeze.

    My dad would say something like, "Honey, you don't have to be out here in this cold." I know what he said, but I think he really liked having me out there. I know I had to be out there with my dad.

    Thanks for a great memory.

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    Good photo, Don!

    I know what you mean about being there at the right time when cacti bloom. Can't tell you how many times I'd see a bud starting to form one day, tell myself to remember to take a photo the next day, then forget until the following day!!!
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