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Thread: Delta model 10 RAS and Jet 6CS jointer

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    Delta model 10 RAS and Jet 6CS jointer

    I want to make an offer for these two items but have no clue what the value of each would be. Does anyone have any idea? They are in excellent condition and the jointer is (blue) not white.

    Thanks RD

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    Hi Randy,

    One of those old Rockwell (Delta) Model 10's recently sold on Craigslist for (if I remember correctly) about $200.

    And here's a link to one on fleabay where the bidding starts at $75.

    As for the jointer, I just happen to have one:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN6226.jpg 
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ID:	7399 . Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN6227.jpg 
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    I 'rescued' this one from someone's shed where it was dying a slow death. I have no idea if it even fires up.

    I plan to clean it up and sell it. I'll probably ask somewhere in the neighborhood of $200, depending on how well it cleans up and what shape it's in once I open it up.

    Hope this helps...and good luck...
    - Marty -
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    Thanks for the info I think I'll pass on the RAS but try to pick up the jointer for under a couple hundred bucks.

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    A rule of thumb I hear a lot is 1/2 the new price on used machines. Of course this can vary with what part of the country your in. Where I am there isn't much demand for power tools. I bought some cheap and was surprised at how little interest there was in them.
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    a coule of years a go I sold my Jet jointer with a moblie base and 2 extra sets of knives for 325. I don't recall the modle # but it was a white one and in real good shape.

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