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Thread: this was difficult, but not as tough as I thought it would be

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    this was difficult, but not as tough as I thought it would be

    back in early 2009, I purchased a lot of 8/4 and 12/4 hard maple, 10-14 inches wide, some boards up to 14 foot lengths.
    I used a lot of the wider stuff on tops, legs, but still have a few boards left.

    After a few unsuccessful attempts to grab some decent logs from various family members(my family, not this one), and friends wood piles, I decided Ill have to cut up those long, wide, thick boards.

    As a flatworker, it was a tough decision, but after I cut up a few blanks, it seemed ok.

    I hope I don't miss those long thick boards one day. I know I wont miss trying to move them, they feel like they weighed 2 tons each.
    Cut up some thick cherry to glue up some large bowl blanks.
    Not sure how any of this will come out.

    a lot of you will ask why did he post this?

    I need to feel ok about it, almost as if its sacreligeous, disrespecting the beauty of 8/4 12 inch wide hard maple boards.
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    You are doing good! Better to use it than leave it for someone else to throw out. Went to an estate sale a couple years back, older gentleman passed away, he had more turning stock than I had ever seen in one place. Organized beyond belief. This was when I was having heart issues. Went to spend the time, not to buy work. One whole wall of turning stock brought $10.00. Bet he rolled over in his grave. What is important to us, isn't to others. Use it and enjoy it.

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    Feel good about this Allen. Some of those could work for platters all by need for glue ups. Use what you have if you can't find anything long as your turning. BTW you won't need that stock for flatwork anymore anyway. Now that you're turning bowls you won't ever go back to flatwork!
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    Come on Allen, treat that stuff like it grows on trees and enjoy it, it's only wood after all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Hans View Post
    Come on Allen, treat that stuff like it grows on trees and enjoy it, it's only wood after all.
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    Don't feel badly, Allen. You bought the wood to use it. You're using it. That said, we need to get you some green bowl blanks. Once you turn fresh wood you'll never go back to glued-up kiln dried stuff.
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    Hang tough, Allen! You'll survive. And when you see the purty bowls you'll turn, you'll forget all about those big boards!
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    i think that the turners need to fill allens shelves with blanks so he has enough to do threw the winter
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    I figured before I invest and purchase some pretty bowl blanks, Id practice with glue ups.

    just that at the price I paid for that 8/4 maple, Ill never replace it anywhere close to what I paid.

    Im glad I didn't toss a lot of the mahogany and sapele thick scraps I had left.

    Making some of those old fashioned antique pepper grinders, perfect blanks for that application.

    I have enough pen and bottle stopper kits to last 2 winters, I just need a break from the flat work now and then.
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