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Thread: frozen steaks

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    frozen steaks

    Well this pretty much refuted a long held belief I had. Turns out if the steak is properly frozen you can do a nice job right from the freezer. Who knew! This is fairly relevant to us because we usually buy meat in bulk (primals) and then cut and wrap ourselves as its somewhat less than half the price that way (around here anyway).

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    I trust their science and methodology without doubt. Not sure I want to plop down 40 bucks for a home experiment, but glad they did!
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    I'm a little surprised that the oven temperature is only 275. Seems a little low.

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    Worth a try next time we have a steak. Now I have two new methods to try, this and sous vide.

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    We get the magazine and both of us read the article a few days ago. I understand the points they make and had seen information about this way of doing steaks before in a skillet and on a grill. I'm not sure that's the direction I want to go, though.

    They demonstrate cooking steak in a skillet. I much prefer using a grill and seasoning the steak as I put it on the grill. I might also shake a little seasoning on the steaks a couple of hours before grilling, but only a very light coating. By getting the grill up to a high temperature before placing the steaks on it, I get medium rare in a total of about 6-7 minutes for a 1" ribeye. My steaks are nicely seared on the outside, reddish in the middle but with no margin as he described in the video.
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