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Thread: Door stops anyone?

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    Door stops anyone?

    Going to see if there is a market for these. If not then I have some nice designer firewood. Maple and Oak. Going to make some out of Mahogany today.
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    Nice looking. They may be sellable. Did you make these double ended and then cut across them? I may have to make a couple for my church to replace the rubber ones.

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    One potential problem with this elegant solution. They may not hold. Even the rubber ones slide on smooth floors, even concrete! Of course, that was holding against a door closer. The reason for them at my church.

    Nice, Terry, but you will have to better define your market. Knowing you, you have probably already thought about this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terry Quiram View Post
    Going to see if there is a market for these. If not then I have some nice designer firewood. Maple and Oak. Going to make some out of Mahogany today.
    Why make some from Mahogany before determining whether there is a market for the Maple and Oak ones?
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    If they don't sell, don't burn them, glue then together and make a wall hanging or clock!
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    They look nice, Terry. I've known others who did pretty well selling those at craft shows and such.
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    A huge step above the rubber ones!
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    Great idea Terry and well done. Looking forward to hearing how they do.

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    Roger I did indeed make a double and cut them in half.

    Carol the stop will hold if you use it like this.
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    Yeah, but where do you find a ship that needs a round door and a steering wheel?

    Just glue some of HF, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, you name it, non skid shelf paper to one side. I've been doing that for years. One of the poor things gets left out in the weather, no protection from the elements, 365 days a year and it has been doing it for years. It even sticks on a slight down slope because the door holds it down.

    You are probably going to have to explain them to some of the people.

    I think they are neat.

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