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Thread: Online Newspapers

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    Online Newspapers

    I am curious to find out if anyone here or that you know has subscribed to a paid online subscrition for a newspaper.
    Wanted to read an article in one of the major newspapers and found could get the heading and maybe first paragraph or sentence but needed a paid subscrition to read the rest.
    One thing i used to enjoy about travelling especially to London was to spend some time on a weekend going through 5 or 6 different quality newspapers on the same day. It provided interesting different perspectives of the same story.
    I can understand the change and move to online and even the need to have paid subscribers, i am wondering how this is being recieved.
    Good quality journalism is not neccessary going to rear its head on a blog in my view at least at this point in time is my thought.
    Anyone care to recommend any newspaper subscriptions?
    Back in the day in SA i always wanted to have the FT (Financial Times London pink paper) delivered to me but cost/timing was a detterent.

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    Yes and no. The cost of publishing has risen a great deal in the past 20 years or so. Plus newspapers are losing readers to the internet at an alarming rate. I subscribe to the free version of our daily paper but get only the lead in. My local paper has a online version plus automatic alerts to my cell phone but I pay for that subscription. But, you can find a lot of free news sources online. Fox news, Drudge Report and many others. A smart phone or wireless tablet can keep you reading 24/7. Stay away from Huffington Post, it's links freeze up my phone and computer. Yahoo has many links but some load so slowly they are not worth bothering with in many cases.
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    I receive both hard copy and electronic versions of my two local papers... purely for local news and events. National events are covered more extensively elsewhere online. If the paper offered only a digital version, that would be OK with me and I would pay for it. I can skim the news just as fast online as I do with hard copy. The only thing I can't figure out how to do easily with the digital version is print out coupons.

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    Print and on-line newspaper have become so subjective and the articles so arbitrarily chosen that I subscribe to none of them. All the local papers here have been swallowed up by the much larger paper and that was folded into a even larger out of the area paper. Thus my idea of what is local news is based on decisions made far outside of my area. They don't deserve my money. National and international news are easily garnered from all over the world on-line and, at this point, largely without cost. That has to change because costs have to be recovered from someplace. News is managed, particularly in this country, so it is always interesting to read another perspective from elsewhere in the world. This is my view and others can certainly take exception. My view here is not intended to start a verbal fire of words, so cool your jets if you choose to disagree. You are entitled to your opinion too.

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    I have to agree with Carol, most news and even TV news is all about ratings and sales that the quality is just not worth paying for and mostly depressing, well unless you're into MAD ( ;-)

    I do scan the local paper, which is free and get news from some of the local community organizers. Also watch the crimes list the mayor's weekly email. I've also found the Business Journal is usually a pretty good source for local business news (, I don't pay for it though, we have copy show up here at work from time to time.

    Sorry, not off much help.

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    I only buy my local paper. Just to support the folks who live here.
    Other than that I agree with Carol.
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    I've given up on newspapers because they are so slanted and filled with lies.

    I used to read three a day, USA today, Wall Street Journal, and the localpaper where ever I was living.

    Now I just listen to talk Radio. Here inthe states, it is big. With about three or four fellows dominating the whole nation.

    But they tell the truth about whats going on, although from a political angle vs. a business angle.

    Online I've heard the Wall Street journal is reliable, but still seems like ???? to me.

    Why not suscribe tothe London Financial Times online?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott R Smith View Post
    Now I just listen to talk Radio. Here inthe states, it is big. With about three or four fellows dominating the whole nation.

    But they tell the truth about whats going on, although from a political angle vs. a business angle...
    The talk radio guys are no more or less truthful than the print media. All of them, without exception, are in the business of selling a product. It may be commercial time, books, videos, or website memberships, but they are ALL selling something. It may sound like the truth to you, but that's because they are telling you what you want to hear. They have no interest in telling the unbiased truth. They are only interested in promoting controversy and maintaining good rating numbers.

    I also listen to talk radio, but I listen to the talking heads on both ends of the dial, and regardless of their political leanings, they all end up sounding alike.
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    I think a couple people I know, probably have some subscriptions to ones behind paywalls. (either by themselves, or work) For the most part, I haven't ever seen a reason to (either find the story elsewhere, or within a couple of days it is out). Except for local news, the local media tends to be slower. Otherwise, sometimes I hears news story's through other means.

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    I scan a variety of local news sources, but don't really pay for them.

    Here's a tip for getting around your local papers online paywall. Most of them offer a certain number of 'free' stories per month or something. Use an incognito window and you can get around that restriction.

    I used to like to pay for the local paper and would pick it up several times a week. Hard to believe but we have newspaper boxes way out here. But the paper just kept shrinking and it just wasn't worth the time to get it when it only took 5 minutes to read it.

    Now I get my comics online

    What I find amusing is that some people don't think their favorite news source is biased at all, because they agree with the viewpoints expressed.

    I personally believe that all media is biased, and that some are just more blatant than others.
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