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Thread: Do you use Saccharine (Liquid Sweet 'n Low)

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    Do you use Saccharine (Liquid Sweet 'n Low)

    On the finishing forum only because that is where I use the most chemicals....

    I have tried many bottles for small quantities of those ugly chemicals like lacquer thinner. Things that I like to use a few drops at a time on a rag, etc. But some of the ugly chemicals destroy the bottles.

    Recently I found that the empty Sweet 'n Low bottles work VERY well - nasty chemicals seem to have no impact on them. And with a sewing needle, I can enlarge the hole from a drip at a time to a small stream. I now have a way to keep my choice of solvents readily available.

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    I've been using these

    Click image for larger version. 

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    But at 8 ounces, For some chemicals I find them a little large. They hold every thing from lacquer thinner to acetone, but some of the chemicals to seem to evaporate somewhat over time.
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    What Darren said, except I got mine from Woodcraft along with extra spouts and caps. In addition to the usual solvents, I transferred my CA glues to them so I could swap the spouts for fresh ones when they start getting a little messed up. I keep the used spouts/caps in a jar of acetone so they're clean the next time I need to swap.

    As to Saccharin, we don't use any artificial sweeteners - seems they all have some kind of detrimental effects. I prefer plain coffee, unsweetened tea, etc.
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    I use the litle packets of powder Sweet n' Low, only in hot cereal. I tried using them to dispense lacquer thinner, but it just didn't work.

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    A few years ago Ken Werner bought a gross of a similar bottle like the one Brent showed. I think they are either 4 or 6 oz. though. Anyway, I bought a dozen or so from him and use them for just about everything.
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    I've always been a bit afraid of artificial sweeteners. My thought is if they need to be bottled in this kind of container you'd have to be a pretty brave person to ingest them. Besides that I am completely natural why would I knowingly eat an artificial sweetener? This is not to say that I have not unknowingly eating something with these sweeteners in it . I try to limit eating them.

    As to the bottle I have used bottles from beauty solon suppliers.
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    GFS (Gordon Food Supply) has squeeze bottles that have a larger neck, making them easier to fill. They're 8 oz. bottles, HDPE, and impervious to most solvents. I use them for alcohol, shellac, naphtha, acetone, water and soapy water. I also use them for pre-mixed Transtint dyes.

    Here's a tip that works with most squeeze bottles: if you lose (or don't have) a cap for them, use one of those slip-on pencil erasers. They work great.

    BTW, those erasers work very well as dust caps on air tool inlet fittings, too.
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