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Thread: Best low cost airless paint sprayer?

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    Best low cost airless paint sprayer?

    I have just finished priming my new shop's OSB walls and think it's time to consider an airless sprayer to do the painting. It took 12 hours to prime as the OSB walls are pretty rough. I see Wagner's got a $180 airless sprayer while Graco has one for $299.

    My question is are either of these units worth the cost?

    Since I'm looking for something to be used mainly indoors I like the fact the Wagner has an available roller and pad attachment. I can't see spending over $300 for anything as I'm not looking for something designed to be used everyday. I have rented sprayers in the past but they're $50+ for 4 hour rentals and with two coats + cleanup I'd be looking at an 8 hour rental.

    Thanks in advance,
    Wes Billups

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    I had two different Wagner units in the past and hated both of them.

    Then my brother in law recommended the $300 Graco. He had opted to do the walls on his house with custom colors, and the builder only gave him one weekend to do it all...he complained that it couldn't be done, so the builder told him to buy that unit. He did, and he and his wife did the entire house (over 15 gallons) in the two days. (His Graco had a different model number, but identical specs to the current $299 unit).

    I bought the Graco and used it with the optional paint roller (with extension, less than $100, but not cheap). Spraying would have been easier, but wasn't an option. The roller worked well and the whole system cleans up remarkably easily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Dunlap View Post
    If you are talking about the Wagner Paint Crew sprayer (which I paid $300 for 2 years ago).

    Matt, that's the one I'm considering. All of the reviews online seem positive about this unit. I just got back from Home Depot and they have a $50 mail in rebate on this unit (brings total to $148) so I think that'll be the one. I don't need to make a decision until this weekend so I've got a little time.

    Wes Billups

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