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Thread: Pocket Hole Workstation

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    Pocket Hole Workstation

    Pulled the plug and through one of these together. From the current issue of Shopnotes.
    A word of caution if you use these plans. They are based on the new K5 model. If you have an older K3, like I do, the riser height and spacing dimensions will have to be adjusted as needed.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Fun little project and it works well.
    Two other notes: the drawer width in the plans is a little shorter than the opening. Too much gap for my liking so I recut and better fit. the drawer height is a little short and will not allow for the portable drill guide holder to be stored in the drawer. I did not catch this one until after the fact so I will have to just clamp it in the K3 during storage.

    Thanks for looking.

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    That looks good, Robert! You did fine matching the design to your system.

    I have the K3 Master system and thought that project might be good for me when I saw it in ShopNotes - added to the project list.
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    I also have the K3, and though about modifying the plan for it. Robert, yours looks so good that I'm gonna have to get to work on mine. One more project for the 'to do' list!
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    Now that's a clever way to do it. Love that it folds up like that...
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    Now that is a neat setup. You would die laughing if you could see Glenn and me doing pocket holes. Actually WE almost die laughing while doing pocket holes---we seem to be like Laurel and Hardy or Mutt and Jeff. I'll sure be glad when all of the serious stuff we are buried in is over so the hilarity can recommence.

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    well done robert
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    Great work! I have the Shopnotes issue and have been looking over the plans. I have the same Kreg set up you have. Do you have a list of the dimensions you had to change to fit the K3 that you wouldn't mind sharing?


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    Jack, all dimensions are to the plan with the exception of the risers (2 pieces) and the drawer fronts/backs (4 pieces). First the drawer fronts/backs. You will note the plan calls for a width of 8 3/8". The opening is 8 1/2". I found the 1/8" gap too big so I went with something just under the 8 1/2" for the drawer front/back width. Slides in real nice.

    For the risers, they are 3 7/8" from the edge of the base. I used 1/2" ply for these, not 3/4" board like they used. I also spanned them with a top piece of 1/2" ply thus giving a third drawer compartment just under the K3. I cut the risers high, laid the top piece across them and then placed the K3 on this. Then put a board across the jig and measured how much too high it was from the sliding inserts. Then cut this excess off the risers. Don't have an exact dimension.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks Robert!

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    That is outstanding, both in the idea and execution. And I thought I was pretty carpenter like when I got my Kreg Mini Junior small thingamajig

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