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Thread: For The Motorcycle Riders - Smart Helmet

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    For The Motorcycle Riders - Smart Helmet

    I'm not sure, but it seems to me it might be a little distracting

    Priced at $1399.00 (Pre-Order)
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    Does it help locate which direction a siren is coming from? Many times I have had to stop on the edge of the road & take a helmet off to locate where the siren sound was coming from.
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    I don't think I would want one of these even if it was $100.00. Too much going on inside this thing. Eyes need to be watching the road not looking at a display screen. I think it's just a matter of time before we hear of accidents because someone was distracted with one of these.
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    I went back and looked at the movie several times and and think that it might improve the safety. Now in order to do a mirror check it requires you to move you head and take your eyes of the road. With the rear camera it actually only requires you to move you eye thus you can keep your head looking down the road and move you eyes to check your 6 and you see more then you do with the mirrors. I would like to take one for a test ride.
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    To much distraction.
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    And to think---we didn't even wear helmets when I was riding my Harley 74---not even in "Flying 1/4 mile" speed competition. In fact many/ maybe even most riders didn't even wear leathers unless they belonged to a club.

    My dad did wear leathers, however the hat was just a thin, single layer of leather like the airplane pilots wore. All of the leather was appreciated when he was going down the open highway, on his Harley, with the club and his forks broke into two pieces. All of the guys, except my dad, thought he was dead. He was one abraded cookie. The motor was totaled.

    I guess the "Good old days" were not the safest in time.

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    Look at how much a distraction a cell phone is to drivers of cars......I'm skeptical.
    On the motorcycle forums I am on, many say they want to try it........very few say they are willing to pay for one.
    Most predict the product will fail.
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    Sold my bike a couple of weeks ago,so I am now a former biker.

    A biker has to be more aware, more diligent, Listen harder, swivel the head more and be more careful of others than other drivers. Being even a little distracted is suicide.

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