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Thread: 3 weeks ago today

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    3 weeks ago today

    After about 50 years of doing it... I quit smoking
    I didn't want to mention it until I figured I had it beat.
    Tried using Chantix (free sample from the Doc.) but I gave me dreams that would freak out Timothy Leary so I went cold turkey.
    Pretty grumpy for a week or so, and I eat like a horse but it's getting easier.
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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    Good on You!, Been 30 years for me, best choice I ever made!
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    just keep saying no bob,, and after while the craving for food will go away too
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    Good deal man, havn't stopped my self, really do need to. Been 40 years though, and just so hard.

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    Good deal Bob,

    I've never indulged (at least not past a couple with beers as a 20 something but quit even that years ago) but dad still chews (after quitting many times) and loml quit ~15 years ago so I know how it goes Do be careful of the easy backslide, it only takes one and one turns to two and .. its an easy slide to make.

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    It's been 40 years since I quit smoking and I can still remember what it was like - both the smoking and the quiting!

    One thing that helped me get through quiting was chewing gum and Certs mints. Also, I always had a pen or pencil in my hand to substitute for the cigarette, unless my hands were busy doing something else.

    On the weight part of it, I was aware from many other people that there were usually issues with weight gain. Being so aware of it, I actually lost five pounds in the first three months of quiting and never gained it back - well, until way farther down the road!!!

    Hang in there, you'll make it!
    Bill Arnold
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    Good for you Bob. I'm sure its difficult but you win big in the end.
    It's not what you achieve in life...It's what you overcome!

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    Well Bob Congratulations, a wise, but difficult step to take. Like others have said, don't be tempted to go back. I quit about 46 years ago and glad I did. You will be surprised how much better you will feel.
    I'm supposed to respect my elders, but its getting harder and harder for me to find one now.

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    Congrats, Bob! Keep it up. I quit smoking real cigs about a year and a half ago and switched to electronic ones. I'm not done yet, but I've cut the nicotine level in half over time, and still going lower. And I'm feeling the positive effects of not inhaling the tar and other nasty stuff in real smoke.
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    Good on you, Bob. I quit cold turkey too...chain smoked cigars and pipes... on 1 Jan 1972. Pipe smoking grandfather died of mouth cancer. That woke me up. Never looked back. Stay strong.

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