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Thread: Selling my car - SOLD

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    Selling my car - SOLD

    It seemed so simple. Clean it up, get the paperwork in order, bring all the service up to date, take some pictures and put it on Craigslist.

    Then the craziness started. Within 2 hours I got a low-ball yahoo. I say no thanks. He is 25% lower than my asking price. Then he asks my lowest price. I tell him, and he comes back with $400 less than that!. And he is in a real hurry. He'll pick it up after work, etc. I tell him no, thanks. Maybe texting is not such a good thing.

    Then come the yahoos with bad English (not Hispanic like I would have expected) and we play games with the English language. It all boils down to they want to steal the car.

    Lastly, tonight, comes another. Wants to 'borrow' the car to take it to his mechanic. Right! Then he wants me to take it to his mechanic. Right! Then he want both of us to take it to his mechanic and wait around for it. Like I got time for that.

    All this in two days. So what it the right protocol for a buyer wanting his mechanic to check it over. In principle I have no problem with that. But what are the logistics? Please remember that I am 50 miles from a foreign country that does not return stolen cars.

    Maybe I should get the scattergun and sleep in it tonight.
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    That is a tough place to be in, I'd not buy a car that I did not have checked out by a shop. We recently bought a used car for our eldest daughter, it is a Mazda Milennia, seems to be a good car, private sale, the seller met us at the Mazda dealer and they did the 150 point check, we paid for the check up. Now we had agreed on a price at that point, there was a known problem a CV joint was bad, so as long as there were no other major issues with the 150 point check up, we would have a sale, if there were any issues we would talk about it. There were no major issues, we paid for the check up and bought the car.

    Maybe you can go to a reputable dealer and have the check up done and just add that to the price, then if someone want to have the car checked over you can just give them a copy of the paper work?

    I don't know if this helps.

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    I think Stu has it as far as letting a mechanic look it over. Take it to a dealer of your choice and if that's not agreeable to potential buyers, so be it! Also, I'm sure your aware, but anyways...try not to have folks come to your home to look it over. Too many nutcases out there, meet them at a police station parking lot. If they don't like/understand the idea, they're either not really that interested, or they're possibly up to no good....Safety beats inconvenience any-day! Just my opi.....Good luck on a quick and satisfying sale.
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    Sounds like its too late but, I agree that having the car at a neutral location for potential buyers to come look at is best. Too many crazies use any excuse to get a lock on your location, after sale harassment, possible follow up burglary, etc. I'm not paranoid; I just sometimes accidentally see the news shows on TV.

    As to having a mechanic check the car out, that depends on how close I am to blue book. If I just want to move the car, I set a low price and it is as it is. If I am going for maximum value I have to allow for a concerned buyer. I have been fortunate to have children who are more than willing to take a car off my hands when I am done with it if I have not driven the life out of it ;-)
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    I went through half the nutcases in NY when I tried to sell a car in the 90s, after that, I gave up the difference and only turned them into dealers when purchasing a new one.
    If I figured out the hours wasted with every person and the time I spend at 3 different mechanics getting 3 different opinions, and then each person trying to squeeze me down to basically giving it to them for charity, I decided I will never do it again.
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    When I sell anything on CL I only take phone calls. I don't respond to emails or texts. Too many nut jobs out there who just waste your time. They have no intention of buying whatever you're selling. Serious folks will take the time to use the telephone and speak to you in person.

    I sold my truck. I had all the receipts for all the service work, warranty work, oil changes, etc. If the buyer wanted a mechanic to look it over than he could bring one with him to look over the truck and test drive it. I wasn't going to spend the time or energy to take it to a dealer. Way too many buyers around. Ultimately my honesty about any concerns I had with it mechanically, supplying all the service records, the clean and shiny condition I kept it in and my offer to supply a car fax gave him the confidence to buy it.
    On your bill of sale be sure to state that the car is sold in "as in" condition with no expressed or implied warrantys or guarantees. Don't turn over the title until the check has cleared.
    On a sales technique note. Don't fall into the trap by answering someones question on what is the lowest price you'll take. Because they know you will actually take less than that price. If they do then say "what will you offer" refuse their offer and give a token discount if they buy today. The key is having your vehicle priced realistically to begin with.
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    Thanks, guys. I should have asked first. Car stayed in the driveway overnight. A good thing. Later I will check with the Honda dealer about their check services. And if there are any more lookieloos, I will have a neutral place to meet. Only two of the crazies where here. The first one never got past texting.

    What's the lowest price you'll take? What's your best offer?

    Mantra for now.

    Some say the land of milk and honey; others say the land of fruits and nuts. All together my sort of heaven.

    Power is not taken. It is given. Who have you given yours to? Hmmmm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol Reed View Post
    What's the lowest price you'll take? What's your best offer?
    "For you....$100 more than the asking price..."

    Sounds like a good plan to have a dealer check it out, can always give them a list of recommendations and price accordingly so that you're both comfortable with the transaction.

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    Gee, it was so simple to sell a car when I was in my 30's. You advertised it. People came and looked at it. The car was taken for a short test drive. The potential buyer purchased it or didn't. I had it priced right and (I think I am correct in the next statement, but not positive.) the first looker always purchased it.

    Just keep in mind the apprehensions, the questions, your feelings, etc. when you purchased used vehicles. These same things are going through the mind of a legitimate prospective buyer.

    Enjoy & Good Luck,
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    I've only sold one vehicle privately.... I had an old beat up '71 Chevy truck that I inherited from my step father via my half sister and her husband... my SF had "borrowed" some money from me with a promise to repay - which he did not and which I did not really expect him to - so my sis thought I should get the truck... it was an ugly faded blue, rusted out under both doors and had a hole in the floor board, plus it had a God-awful chrome swan sitting on the hood.... and if you shifted too quickly, the shift rods would drop out of the sockets until I put a piece of wire through the ends to prevent that.... it was sitting in the drive way and one day a young Mexican fellow knocked on the door and wanted to know if I wanted to sell the truck... at the time I didn't and said no... he asked how much would you take if you did want to sell it... I replied no less than $500 (it was really a beat up truck -- I'm sure my neighborhood and the HOA was glad to see it go)... he pulled out a roll of bills and counted off $500 -- money talks and he bought the truck.
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