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Thread: Not my job

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    Not my job

    This is an example of the craftsmanship that we must endure bidding against. Click image for larger version. 

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    Notice the carrying stick for the deck is about a foot from the edge of the deck. Held up by 4x4's. Then we have a 6x6 holding up the roof sitting on the rim joist. I could go on for a long time but it pains me to much to think that someone is being paid to do this.
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    Seems like a fellow could get bored on that kind of a walk...

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    The fact that someone is getting paid for doing something, doesn't make him a professional, and even less a GOOD professional. I see similar things here all the time. What drives me mad is the fact that the guy who did it, did it wrong, and the guy who supervises him as well. Maybe it was drawn like that by the archiquect and they just followed the drawings... Dunno.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Mooney View Post
    Seems like a fellow could get bored on that kind of a walk...
    For shame Ryan; that just groaned out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim C Bradley View Post
    For shame Ryan; that just groaned out.
    You know Jim someone had to do it, I just stepped up to the plate first

    Chuck, there are indeed a number of points on that one. I don't think I'm qualified to call them all out, but the first pic you shared pretty much tells the whole tale though You'd like to think it couldn't go a whole lot more downhill from there... (but might be surprised anyway)

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    Good grief, I'm no pro like you Chuck, but that hurts to see from all the way over here in Japan!

    Want to bet there is not one qualified carpenter on the whole job?

    I guess people get what they are willing to pay for, but man alive, the owner must not know any better..... I guess you CAN pay off the building inspector eh?

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    It's probably being done by an unemployed relative of the owner. Reminds me of the job my BIL did (for $200 a day) on my fence and deck. I don't know what a carrying stick is, but shouldn't those posts holding up the roof go all the way to the ground?

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