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Thread: Another Custom Box

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    Another Custom Box

    Hi Everyone
    Here are a few photos of another box I just completed, A little different from my usual style but was still a fun project.
    Made from Walnut and measures 13" x 13" x 6".
    I used 1/4 sawn walnut for the lid with holly framing the lacewood with inlayed Peruvian Walnut lettering.
    The lettering was laser engraved using a reverse image technique.
    The inside of the lid has bloodwood framing the Lacewood with Peruvian Walnut lettering using the same reverse image laser technique Solid Brass hardware for the recessed handles,95 Degree stop hinges and full mortise lock.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    On to the next project-custom keepsake box with a civil war based Intarsia on the lid. Should be a fun one.
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    That's a fine looking box, Mike! Great matching of materials and the inlay looks fantastic!
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    Beautifully Done

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    Very nicely done Mike
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    Nice work Mike.

    I like how you embraced the joins between the pieces of wood on the lid and made the deliniation between them part of the design. It works really well and provides a lot of nice texture to the piece. The inlay is, as usual, outstanding.

    Not quite as sure about the contrasting splines, but that's probably just me being overtly conservative design wise

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    another master piece mike,, would like to see a detail step on that reverse inlay you did..
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    Beautiful. Good wood choices too.

    Looks (to me) like it would hold a good fistful or two of what they call out West, See-Gars.

    Beautiful box!
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible

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