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Thread: shop insulation

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    shop insulation

    I'm looking to convert part of a 30x50 pole building into a shop pouring cement,adding a ceiling, and probley a couple of new walls to divide it from the rest of the barn. Has anyone used the foil-foam-foil type of insulation?
    does it work or are there better ways to go. I'm probley going to use painted osb to cover the inside walls.
    thanks for your help....

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    I had it at work for 4 years ... it absolutely did nothing. I'm not convinced that it was the right tool for the job. Empty industrial type building, they rolled this stuff out between the rafters and it didn't make a lick of difference, really. The temperature control in that place was a nightmare. In the summer, the AC would run constantly after about 3pm and it was still in the 80s inside.

    It was installed similar to this

    But our space was much smaller and only had one "person" door, no garage doors, etc.

    It may work for what it was designed to, but i don't think it was designed to work in place of a good 9-12" of fiberglass.
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    Doug Rye, the energy savings guru, says cellulose is the only way to go.
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    Tom, that product is basically just a radiant barrier, not an actual insulator. The foam and bubbles (basically metallic bubble wrap?) would provide a little insulation, but not enough that you'd notice it. This sort of product works well in conjunction with an insulating layer to reduce summer heat gain, but thats it. The principle is that smooth shiny surfaces emit less radiation (heat) than rough ones. Its more complicated than that of course, but simple is easier to remember.

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