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Thread: I Can See . . . Safely

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    I Can See . . . Safely

    I just got my new prescription safety glasses (dad is an optometrist). Oh my gosh; this so beats the heck outta regular glasses with safety goggles worn over them. I urge any other bespectacled FWW'r to pony up the dough and get some. I'll never have to remind my self to put on my goggles again, whoo-hoo!
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    Quote Originally Posted by glenn bradley View Post
    ...I urge any other bespectacled Creeker to pony up the dough and get some... how much does it cost to put your dad through optometry school?

    Actually, I'm due for a new eyeglass prescription, and I was going to at least check with my eye doc to see what an extra pair of safety glasses would cost. (I'm sure it's less than getting a piece of wood or metal out of your eye.)
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    I had my eyes zapped with lasers, and boy do the peepers work great now!

    That said, the second thing that I put on when I go down to the Dungeon are my safety glasses, the first is the lights

    3rd the radio...................... 4th the apron...........

    I do agree that if you wear glasses, get dedicated safety glasses, for one thing, it will save your daily glasses from wear and tear in the workshop.

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