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Thread: Finish for cutting boards

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    Finish for cutting boards

    I have been making cheese cutting boards for awhile and am wondering about
    a now darkening finish. I currently use mineral oil well applied. However it does
    darken the wood especially maple and of course the black walnut is "black".
    Any suggestions? Wood like to see the boards as seen in the commercial stores.
    I do mostly end grain boards , which I like to do as no two are alike and can let my
    imagination run wild. Thanks for any input.

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    About the only non-darkening finish I can think of is a water-based polyurethane like like Minwax Polycrylic, but I'm not sure I'd want to use it on a cutting board. For something like a cheese serving board that's not really getting cut on much (if at all) it would be fine, but for a board that's actually being used to cut on, I'd want a non-film finish like mineral oil.
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    For a project like a cutting board, the beauty is in the wood. Plus anything put on a cutting board is possibly not food safe. Wood and oil. My preference.
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