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Thread: Dust Collector Problems?

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    Dust Collector Problems?

    I'm glad this wasn't in my shop.
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    I always wobdered why one would collect dust, I guess for when you need a bunch of it all at once.

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    And, for this "reality" event, a camera just "happened" to be running! Can we all say in unison, "Here, hold my beer!"
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    I had something similar happen to me once, but it involved a 40' piece of drill stem full of drillers mud. Actually, it happened twice. In one day. I quit after the second time. That was the day I decided I wasn't cut out to be a swamper on a drill rig.
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    I am extremely suspicious of these films where someone sets up a camera to take pics just before an accident of some type.


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    I would say a setup, or someone filming, who had the same thing happen to them. However, when I saw it, I could only think of certain medical professions.

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