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Thread: How do they know this info. Scary

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    How do they know this info. Scary

    I shopped at Trader Joes grocery this morning while I was out working on my honey do list. Just picked up a few things that my wife likes that we can't get anywhere else. They announced over the store speaker system that they had special discounts and coupons if you signed up for their email announcements. When I checked out the cashier asked me if I wanted to sign up and I said no thanks and paid with my debit card.
    When I got home and checked my email there was an email from trader joes welcoming me to their discount program. I didn't give anyone there my email address

    Did they get this info from my bank card ????

    All this tracking and loss of personal information and privacy is really starting to worry me.
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    Had the same experience with only now when hitting the brick stores. About the only way to keep your privacy online nowadays is to stay offline
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    I'm sure they just contracted with the NSA to get it. Simple, really...

    Not even sure staying offline will keep your privacy...
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    This is NOT a jab at Bob G. and how his data got to Trader Joes. Just a general statement about digital data.

    I gotta laugh when people tell me Facebook stole info from them.

    I would bet at one time or another they gave the info and that somewhere in very fine print (very fine print ) they were told this was happening.

    Case in point. Person says - Facebook released where I live. Did you ever upload a photo taken with your phone to Facebook? Of course.

    You do know that most modern cell phones include location data within the image data of photos taken! ---- I did not know that.

    I have no sympathy for people who give away their data then complain that it was stolen.

    Example - The recent celebrity private photo release. Did they upload these photos and really expect them to remain private.

    Today once you transmit anything by any medium it is in the public domain.

    It all started with unauthorized people reading smoke singles that were not intended for them.

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    How is your opinion about Trader Joes now that they did this?

    Doesn't it make you want to do business with Trader Toms, or Trader Bills instead?

    Penny smart pound foolish on their part.

    Certain businessmen take pleasure in gaining from trickery vs from fair dealing.

    It has always been so, but more often than not, they hit the windshelid like a bug in July.

    Very short sighted on their part if you ask me.
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    Has anyone ever noticed that almost all web pages have advertisements - even youtube.

    Even more interesting is that those advertisements are in YOUR personal interest.

    That is NOT just dumb luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo Voisine View Post
    Has anyone ever noticed that almost all web pages have advertisements - even youtube.

    Even more interesting is that those advertisements are in YOUR personal interest.

    That is NOT just dumb luck.
    Yes - search on some odd item and ads for that type of item start showing up on most of your web pages.

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    no one is safe.
    my wife and I are very cautious.
    we were the victims of identity theft back in the mid 2000's.
    It was the most stressful thing in our lives.
    There is nothing anyone can do, if you use cell phones, credit cards, your security is wide open.
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    Quote Originally Posted by allen levine View Post
    ... There is nothing anyone can do, ...
    We have very little issue with annoying email and no issue with credit card fraud. Not that the rest of the world can't get to some of our personal information, but there are a few things we do to ward off some issues.

    Online purchases: Sites with which we do business regularly are NOT fly-by-night outfits. If we research an item and the best price leads to an "iffy" site, we bail out and go elsewhere. For stores like Lowe's, the store site gets one email address; the credit card site gets a different email address. I use PayPal for purchases on sites like eBay to add a layer. I could go on and on.

    Credit cards: We use Discover for most purchases because it, like some other cards, has great fraud protection. They have notified us of a couple of occasions where they suspected fraudulent transactions, killed our cards and rushed new ones to us.

    As to the email addresses to which I referred, I have at least a dozen different addresses in order to isolate where an issue develops. If necessary, I delete an address and set up a new one, but haven't had to do that in many years.
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