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Thread: My shop

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    My shop

    I'm new around here and haven't been posting much yet.

    I'm busy working on getting my double garage ready for winter here in Canada.

    I'm putting up insulation, vapor barrier, and drywall along with insulating my double garage door and hopefully adding a natural gas hanging heater. Also getting a 60 amp subpanel and outlets added.

    I'm pretty well outfitted for tools but want to be able to work all year round.

    The drywall and insulation is here so it's work time.


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    My shop

    Hi Darryl and welcome. Your shop sounds similar to mine as I took the same course as you are taking. I added a 100 amp sub, hanging gas heater and what I thought would be enough outlets. You can never have too many and, after years of operation, I think I could have doubled what I have.
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    Welcome Darryl

    Make sure to add 220v circuit if you putting in a sub panel. Will come in handy for machines in the future.

    Also consider lighting given winter cloudy days and you can never have too much light.

    If u never going to park a car in it again you can also consider putting down a plywood floor on top of your concrete. What u do is lay 2x6 or 2x8 pressure treated at 16inch centers and fill gap with pink solid insulation cover with vapor barrier and lay 3/4 construction ply over.
    Will help with heat loss and cold from floor and your feet/knees will love you for it.
    If you plan on solvent based spraying consider a radiant heat garage heater. They draw from outside and exhaust outside and have no open flame. Company in Wainfleet Ontario makes them. I have one from my previous shop which i will use in my next shop. Really worthwhile and i am i King City Ontario. Use either nat gas or propane and they dont dry air but are very cost effective to run.
    Remember dust collection. There are loads of posts here you can search for cost effective dust collection solutions.
    Best of luck.
    And we like pictures

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    Yes there will be a couple of 220v circuits. I have a General Int. 270K 3HP saw that I'm waiting to get hooked up.

    Ideally I'd like to get a clearvue 1800 cyclone but not 100% decided yet.

    I like the radiant heating idea but not sure on the cost.

    The sleepers and insulation on the floor is my plan but likely not till next year.

    For finishing I'm planning water based hvlp spraying and the rest by hand. I don't have an hvlp yet though. I'm looking at the Fuji mini mite or gold 4.

    for lighting I have 4 of these so far:

    Lithonia Lighting
    4 ft T8 4L 32W Grid Shop Light


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    It's going to be so satisfying when its done!

    I agree with the 220 electric line too, if its in your budget.
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible

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    I also have an oversized 2 stall garage and cars stay outside.

    I have a Modine Hot Dawg 45k btu heater - love it.

    My doors are Canadian made Garaga doors - with lites - love it. Warm inside even when temp is single numbers and wind is blowing.

    As to the floor - I have a hard marine industrial application 2 part epoxy coating on the floor. Not really happy, though it is an extremely durable flow. It gets HEAVY condensation on humid days - looks like I hosed it down. VERY slippery - even with non-skid additive.

    My lighting satisfies me. I have 4 - 4 tube flourescent and 2 tube in the drop ceiling.

    Each wall has 2 4 outlet receptical - plus a couple of dual. - not enough !!!!

    I have 2 seperate lighting circuits - totally seperate from machine circuits.
    I want to be sure there is at least "some" light if I pop a breaker.

    I do have 220 and I do use it.

    I have one 36" read entrance door.

    What I would do differently?

    Install outlet strips - to have "at least" 15-20 outlets per wall.
    (they do NOT all need seperate breaker circuits)

    Make sure I had a front entrance 36" door in addition to the garage doors and the rear entrance door.
    This one is a BIG - wish I did that.

    Small toilet - wash area (nice to have)

    Built in air conditioning.

    I would have a wood floor - strong enough for a car on the occasion.
    ****Stuff to think about with wood floor*****
    (I have brought a car into the shop for repair from time to time - one time it had a LOT of snow on it - that melted onto floor)
    I do like to be able to roll stuff into and out of the shop.
    I do store the snow blower in the shop - and it is nice to start snow blowing directly from the shop.

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    I have an existing 15amp circuit that's not going be on the Subpanel. My plan is to keep using that for lights.

    Does the condensation happen even with the rest of the walls and ceiling insulated?

    I plan to keep the temp at a few degrees over freezing most of the winter time and up to 12-15C when I want to work out there. For cooling I'm planning on a dual hose portable AC next year. My garage has no windows for a window unit.


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    Welcome Darryl !!!!

    I've been working on getting my shop out of the basement and into my big 2 car attached garage. I'd like it to be all shop all the time but with the winters we get and with my wife taking off early in the morning I have to make room for her car.
    Had an electrical quote on a 60 amp panel and I'm getting a quote this week for replacing the 2 garage doors with insulated ones. The garage is already insulated. Going to put in a pellet stove though. Propane is way too expensive up here to run an ceiling mounted heater.
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    You're well on your way to a great shop. Good choice for cyclone, you won't be disappointed with it (you will need a dedicated 240V/30A circuit for it). Your choice for a spray setup is good as well. My shop is dedicated, but like some others I do from time to time store snow equipment in here in the winter, then it gets a little crowded....though that is seldom for more than several days in a row. One thing I'll mention: as you age, your eyes need more light. My shop (24x32) has 9 of those 4'-4 tube fixtures along with with 1 4'-2 tube fixture and I would say I just have enough light (all of these are on one dedicated 15 amp circuit, BTW). Caution being: you may want more in the future.

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    can you tell me how will you insulate your garage doors and the areas around the door that are open to the outside(if you need to open it often)
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