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Thread: 5-gallon rust bucket....

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    5-gallon rust bucket....

    At a yard sale this weekend, I took a five gallon bucket and filled it up with a pile of old woodworking stuff in various states of disrepair. Then I did the old, "What do you want for all this?" thing.

    What do you think?

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    Nice, but what did you steal it for?

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    Welcome Josh !!!

    Gotta love those yard sale finds. I'm not sure what a fair price would of been but it looks like some of the tools will clean up nicely.
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    to be nice to the guy ten bucks
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    I like the saw, it's nice and straight. A couple of the braces work just fine, and I could possibly clean up that transitional plane. Most of the wooden planes are a mess, but I like to put 'em on shelves in my basement.

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