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Thread: some wood was meant to burn

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    some wood was meant to burn

    Cut up the last couple of pieces of sweet gum that hadn't cracked to bad (have a dozen or so bowls curing from it but lost a few of the blocks due to life interfering before I could turn them, doesn't take long in the summer here).

    One piece threatened to have some nice figure so I cut as big a chunk out of it as I could (still had a couple "small" cracks on one end and a hint of punky at the other.. But those couldn't go to deep, could they?).

    Slapped it on the lathe and started turning. And turning. And turning. And finally got past the junk. What started as a 14"x12" blank ended up at 5.5" x4.5". Well I haven't turned much in a while so at least it was a good warmup. Lesson one always saw of all cracks and junk off if you don't intend to keep it.

    So now I have a round piece much smaller than I started, but hey at least I'll make something out of it....

    So turned out a small half amphora shape, but lost the lip on the mouth to some more soft wood (still OK I guess).. Would have looked better if I could have kept it though.

    Then started sanding and sanding and sanding and eventually called it good enough. Some of the softer bits had pulled up a smidge in a couple places on the inside and there was no way I was getting them cleaned up without going all the way through. Managed to get the outside on the near edge of acceptable with a little glue stabilization but the inside was to far gone for that so got it kinda smooth and then quit for dinner.

    I'd have been further ahead if I'd have just put that piece in the burn pile with Mr and Mrs cracked up.

    The second bowl went easier but it was already getting kinda late so I didn't get to fancy with it.

    At least I got some turning in I guess.

    Mr problem child is the one on the right, the camera hides a lot of sins. Mr quick and finished is on the left.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    It looks to me like the camera hid all of the sins.

    I'm glad you had some fun instead of some heat.

    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    some wood was meant to burn

    They both look nice to me... You guys are going to make me buy a lathe if you're not careful...

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    Well its not a very good camera so that certainly helps and I admit to turning to better sides to the front.

    Josh, come on over the weather is fine if rather dizzyingly round!

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