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Thread: For old audio equipment buffs

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    For old audio equipment buffs


    I have several old audio components, cables, jacks, plugs, etc. These date back from the time of monaural. I also have Pickering and Stanton phonograph pickup cartridges The Pickering flips over; one way is for 78 rpm records, the flip side is for 33 1/3 and 45 rpms. In addition to that I have a couple Shure crystal phonograph cartridges.
    I also have some “brand new” 60-70 year old Recaton “needles” for playing 78 RPM records.

    To anyone interested in audio equipment of the late 1930’s through the 1960’s these are probably treasures; to anyone else they are probably junk. Pics of some items are attached.

    They are free to anyone who wants them.
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    Ooh, I remember the pickering cartridges with the flip-over needle.

    Generous offer Jim, but I'm already overrun with spare cables and such. I still use 1/4 phone plugs on my guitar gear, and still have a fair amount of stuff that uses RCA plugs. I used to make all of my own cables, but these days I can buy pre-made cables for less than the cost of the parts to make my own. Plus, they tend to be better made than the ones I make myself.
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