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Thread: Cool weather coming (at least around me) and that means CHILI!

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    Cool weather coming (at least around me) and that means CHILI!

    My second favorite food is chili, second only to something off the grill. Anyway, maybe this weekend I'll be making the first pot of the season. But my question is; does anyone have a single "secret" ingredient they consider their "must have" (besides lots of hot seasonings) for chili, that they would like to share? When my wife made it, she considered her secret a can of Coke (yes, that's as bad as it sounds). For me I don't have a secret, pretty much sticking to the norms, but I'm always looking for that next flavor to add.
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    I was just telling my wife last night that chili season is coming soon and I can't wait! I don't have a secrets or absolute ingredients...except for corn bread placed in the bottom of the bowl before the chili!
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    Lots of Cumin, and a little Cinnamon, One of my favorite foods for sure.
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    Had a friend of mine that made a Killer Chili and his secret was Chocolate but he wouldn't tell me anymore
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    Chili does sound good, but not quite cold enough here yet. I actually mix in a heaping tablespoon or so of yellow mustard, gives it a nice tang. I don't have any special recipe though, usually just plain ole pack of Williams Chili Seasoning, can or two of sweet onion/tomato, and can of mild rotel.

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    [QUOTE=Jay Caughron;412988]Had a friend of mine that made a Killer Chili and
    his secret was chocolate
    It should be Baker's Dark Chocolate. (couple of squares)
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    For us, chili season is year-round. We make a large pot - about 4 gallons - give some to the neighbor and freeze 10 or so 4-cup containers so we can have it anytime we want. I had some on my hot dogs today! We make a new pot every 3-4 months.

    About 20 years ago, I worked with a basic recipe and tweaked it until we had what we like. I can't say there's a 'secret' ingredient - just the right combination of things to make it 'right'. Cumin was mentioned earlier. I like to add masa harina (or just process some corn meal) to add some flavor and thickening. I also add a little lime juice to complement the tomatoes.
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    Maybe I do have one magic ingredient, at least around this time of the year: I can make it with fresh tomatoes! Most of the rest of the year I just use ones we've canned....still good, but not like fresh. A couple of folks mentioned cumin; to me that's one of the basics...maybe everyone doesn't use that after all?

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    The can of Coke is a trick I've seen used when cooking beans. (Primarily pinto beans in my part of the country.) Adds a bit of sweetness, but more importantly, seems to kill off much of the gas. Chocolate in chili is also something I've known people to use.

    Of course around here, we don't eat much chili, but tons of chile. In NM, there's a big difference between chili (with an I) and chile (with an E). But I like both of 'em.
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    A frequent bean failure is to add acid to them before cooked, it stops the cooking process of the bean...tomato products at the top of the list, soda (carbonic acid)...any acid citric or otherwise. Cumin, coriander...coco powder, tomato paste...time to have a lash!!
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