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Thread: Rings.

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    Not truly turnings.....done without a lathe.

    I made the blanks, then stuffed them on an expanding sanding spindle & chucked them into my drill press. All the shaping & finishing work was done with files & sandpaper.

    Many Rings!


    Walnut & Aspen Sandwich, with colored pencil Inlay. NOT happy with the results of the epoxy, going to try a different approach on a second one.


    Purpleheart & Aspen Sandwich:

    Colored Pencils:


    Walnut with Guitar String Inlay - again, the epoxy looks gimpy, trying a different approach:

    Walnut blank, shaped & polished, awaiting inlay of guitar string - epoxy only in bottom of grove:

    All this done on a benchtop drill press, primarily with nothing but sandpaper. Most sanded to 2000 grit. Finished while spinning with a wipe-on poly.

    Yes, Kids, I am beginning to be Jonesing for a mini-Lathe.

    -Kevin in Indy
    "Heroic? He fell off his bloody Aeroplane!"

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    Not too shabby for drill press work, Kevin. They came out looking good.

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    Many, many, years ago I read a science fiction story. The only thing I remember about it was that the gal could tell the guy was rich. He was wearing a wooden ring; not only that, it was walnut.

    Therefore I deduce that you must be a multi-billionaire.

    I enjoyed the pics. It is really neat to be able to produce things like your rings.

    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    now you just need alot of fingers to fit them
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