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Thread: Antique Brass

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    Antique Brass

    30 Cal Bolt Action dressed up in a Nylon Braid barrel.
    The Nylon Braid color makes a nice contrast with the Antique brass.
    The Nylon Braid is anchored to a black tubes using Thin CA.
    There is no finish on the nylon braid giving the barrel a nice textured feel


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    I really like this combination, Les. The tactile feel of the braid is a nice touch

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    Beautiful work, Les! The braid looks great and I bet it feels good, too!!!

    btw...I received my first two bolt-action kits today - will see if I can get one good pen out of them!
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    Ah, come on, Bill. Go 2 for 2!

    BTW, Les, nice pen.

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