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Thread: A $2,800 Box!?!?

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    A $2,800 Box!?!?

    Just throwing this up here for some food for thought.

    I know a lot of you guys like to build small boxes, and are very good at it.

    Here is small cigar box covered in Crock/gator skin that lists for $2,800.

    I guess if you've got $50 or so per cigar to burn up, a $2,800 box is good home for them.

    The high end ones I've seen are made of Rosewood with 1/2 Spanish Cedar liner for the cigars,

    and close like a refrigerator. Meaning real tight. Air tight when you drop the heavy lid.

    A guy could probably make 10 of these in a weekend, and if he had some sales ability

    sell the lot wholesale to a Cigar outfit, or maybe online. That would be a nice chunk of

    change for a little bit of work. Although I'm not sure there is much of a market for

    $2,800 cigar holders-lol.

    To me, this color of gator skin looks very handsom, maybe I'll build one for myself???
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Oh yes there IS a market for a $2800 cigar box.

    Gaining access to that demographic market - well that is the issue.

    They don't shop on or ebay

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    I had a Jewelry box sell for over $10,000.00 at private auction an the jewelry box went to a young 8 year old girl with cancer in the UK an it was simple Box to so I'm not surprised at all
    Here is a picture of the box


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    Scott, that's a heck of a box, for sure! Worth every penny to the right client.

    Auctions are not a way to place value. For instance, Rick Hendrick donated $1million for the right to purchase the first 2014 Corvette Z06. The million went to cancer research. He still had to fork over $80,000 to buy the car when it came off the production line.
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