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Thread: check your states site

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    check your states site

    I don't know what the site is for other states, in NY this is the site.

    It has funds that may belong to you. Its your money, being held by the state govt.

    I checked out the site for NY state after my accountant told me he saw our names listed, he checks all his clients.

    turns out my wife had funds of 100 dollars, and I had 438 dollars. Nice score, no clue how long the money was sitting there.

    All you have to do is answer questions the state asks, like what years did you pay off your mortgage or buy your home, childrens month of birth, along with your social security number, and I got the checks a week later.
    Id strongly advise anyone to find you local state govt funds accounts. You never know.

    its not that we don't know where every dime we have is, we believe my wifes funds were from a rebate from an appliance we purchased years ago, the business shuttered its doors soon after, we had no way and got no help trying to track that refund, so it was dropped by us. were guessing the company that put the funds in her name was the company who handled the rebate.
    me, it was an old security deposit account my ex partner must have handled and because tenants were still in a building, he might have held some money somewhere before he transferred it, Im only guessing. Im not complaining.
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    I just found Brent $129. Actually I should get it since I make the payments for vehicle insurance

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    don't tell him, you found it, besides, hed probably just go out and start another hobby.
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